Celadoncandy was originally conceived essentially as a side project in 2010 by Paul Allgood while on hiatus from his main band Wedlock. He and multi-instrumentalist Jason Bowden released one EP ,(cc:) in autumn that same year before parting ways; while Allgood retained the name for future releases.

A second EP,(fwd:) emerged the following year, after which the project was shelved until UK indie label Trinity Eclipse took interest. 'Celadonia' is the full-length result.



'Undercutter' Directed By Heather Dollar

'Undercutter' Directed By Heather Dollar


This is a really solid EP, with only 3 tracks they manage to explore all sorts of sounds and textures while making everything flow together seamlessly. This is some great electronica with a good mix of slow chilled out dance sounds and more deep experimental vibes. 4/5 Tomatoes Tomatrax Magazine